Arrested DevOps & ZenHub: a match made in heaven for the modern software team


With best-in-class GitHub integration and team productivity insights, Zenhub helps you plan, track progress, and see the big picture across any team. 


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Limit distractions,
improve productivity

Designed with developers in mind. ZenHub is seamlessly layered on top of GitHub, bringing in only the necessary parts of project management – without all the annoying clutter.


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Spend less time in meetings

Wasting precious development time sitting in marathon backlog refinement meetings? Features like Planning Poker let you provide your estimates on your own time, right on your existing GitHub Issues.


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Tired of having to manually provide status updates to stakeholders? ZenHub automates project handoffs, and even lets you know when your project will be completed with predictive roadmaps.


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Like Scrum again

No fluff, no unnecessary extras. If you’re using the ‘big’ platforms for agile project management and wondering ‘is there a better way?’ – why yes, there is. With ZenHub, turn issues into epics, add stories, and get sprinting.


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